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In year 1991, Taiwan Eden Social Welfare appointed Pastor Chng Joo Beng and his wife Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang as missionaries to reach out in Malaysia. With the intentions to continue the spirit of Taiwanese famous wheelchair writer, Madam Liu Xia, they embarked their journey to Penang, Malaysia and started the first welfare centre.

In October 2000, they established a welfare centre in another state of Malaysia that is Kuala Lumpur and incorporated Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu (now known as Dual Blessing Bhd) on 19 August 2001 in continuing their mission.

‘Shuang Fu’ or Double Blessing means “gospel and welfare”, through gospel and base on Love that expounds in Christianity teachings, through welfare, standing on the principle of “Instead of Giving Fish, We Teach How To Fish” the Centre provide occupational trainings and employment opportunities.

Regardless of race and religion, Shuang Fu hopes to train People with Disabilities (PWD) to have comprehensive growth in body, heart and soul and lead an independent living.

The four main objectives of Shuang Fu:-

1. Training and comprehensive care
2. Promoting self-reliant education
3. Advocating social awareness campaign
4. Establishing Social Enterprise Model