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Ai FM Interviewing Program

Date : 3rd Nov 2015 (4:15pm – 5:00pm)
DJs : Benny & Essel
Interviewer : Ambassador – Miau Miau, Acting CEO of Dual Blessing – Lynn Yew, Represent of Co-orgarnizer – Ric See


Date : Year 2014
DJs : Jc & GuoJun
Interviewer : CEO of Dual Blessing – Danny Tan, Event Co-ordinator – Lynn Yew


The Ambassadors


Dual Blessing Bhd. was incorporated in 2003, and started to organize the “Sell Toothbrush, Grant a Wish” charity campaign every year since its establishment to raised funds on transportation subsidy for the disabled friends in Klang Valley region through sales of toothbrush. The transportation subsidy is to fulfill the dream of disabled friends to return to their hometown and reunite with the families during Lunar New Year. When the cost of living and financial burden have gradually increased over the years, Dual Blessing has extended services to serve the single-parent and poor families since three years ago.

The purpose of this annual charity event is to allow the disadvantages group to receive cares from the community and able to enjoy the warm, blessed and reunion feeling with their loved ones during the Lunar New Year.

With the participation of associations, various businesses, groups and cooperation as well as generosity of community, the yearly beneficiaries of this event had increased from existing 100 to 250 families, which included transportation subsidy to return home during Lunar New Year, rations, festive food, new clothing etc. and even daily needs such as tuition fees and some other education subsidies for the children from poor family.

This year, Dual Blessing will have another breakthrough, by establishing “Blessed Journey Returning Home” activity. This activity allows the beneficiaries not only receive the transportation subsidy on the Lunar New Year but also will have coach arranged by Dual Blessing specifically for the disabled friends to return home with a happy journey during the Lunar New Year.

Dual Blessing hopes that we will able to call upon more public participation through this breakthrough event. The participation and involvement may not be in the forms of monetary and supplies, but more on public awareness on the needy group after “Blessed Journey Returning Home”. We hope that the contribution by public also extended to share the message to those who need assistance included single-parent family who leaves their home to work, the elderly, as well as for those around us who needs help but often being overlooked.

With an aim to create a warm, blissful and “festive” feelings for coming Lunar New Year celebration, Dual Blessing will arrange buses to the north and south via the newly established “Blessed Journey Returning Home”. Further more, there will be some volunteers sent the beneficiaries to their hometown in various states/stops, let the family members or friends pick them up and sending them back home.

The Beneficiaries Group
1. Disabled friends
2. Elderly
3. Single-parent families and immediate relatives

Service coverage
1.Bus Transfer Service
–The Bus will depart from Klang Valley area, where the Organizer will  identify the route to the North and South. Successful applicants will be sent to the respective destinations from Kuala Lumpur before Lunar New Year. They will be accompanied by Dual Blessing staff and volunteers throughout the travelling journey.

–Transportation : Bus equipped with a lift

–Departure date:
North : 5 & 6 February 2016
South : 5 & 6 February 2016


  • The details on the routes and stops will be announced in mid December via various media and also official website.
  • The Organizer will notify successful applicants via email and phone.

2. Transport Subsidy
–The Organizer’s volunteers will conduct home visit to understand the transportation’s problems faced by the applicants/families. The Organizer will then reviewed and decide to provide bus transfer service OR transport subsidy to the applicants/families.

3. Lunar New Year Family Aid
–The Organizer’s volunteers will conduct home visit to understand and identify on the needs of individual or family. Assistances will then be delivered after reviewed by Dual Blessing, or call for the public support such as providing new clothes or educational expenses etc.

How to Support? (Click here for Download Order Form)
Support Dual Blessing Toothbrush – SHINE FOR HOPE – One box RM 30 (6 pcs)

For Individual:
a) Purchase Dual Blessing toothbrush – SHINE FOR HOPE
b) Become Toothbrush dealer

For Organization (School / Company / Religious Group /  Association) :
a) Purchase Dual Blessing toothbrush – SHINE FOR HOPE
b) Allocate a time slot for Dual Blessing  to share the event / motivational seminar
c) Sponsoring toothbrush to school, Dual Blessing will take care of it  as an awareness purposes.
d) Coordinate with other community groups, helping Dual Blessing to organize sell toothbrush activities
e) Become Toothbrush dealer

Become an event sponsor
a) Bus hire charges
b) Appointed  “fulfill a dream” Angel on dedicated case

How to order?
1. Online Order
. Download Order Form
3. Walk in to Dual Blessing Bhd @ 125, Jalan Hujan Emas, Taman Overseas Union 58200 KL.

Photos of Past Events


Application Form for Bus Transfer Service / Transport Subsidy / Lunar New Year Family Aid
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