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Event Introduction:
This event gathers the most remarkable choreographers and well known dancers in Malaysia. We even have the champion of the international wheelchair dancing competition and our PWDs (Person with Disability) on stage to present a magnificent performance.

The meaning of “Doves of Blessings” Doves are the world renowned symbol of world peace. It is said that if you caught a dove smiling, the beaming smile is said that it is able to shine a person with positive rays. When the doves flies, the fluttering wings is said to cradle clouds in their wings as they flies, symbolizing kindness and purity. With these in mind, our world should segregate between the handicapped and the rest of the world. World peace could be achieved when both parties joined hands together as we live together harmoniously without segregation as one. Dual Blessing would definitely continue the rehabilitation transportation plan. With that we would do more fund raising activities to achieve the aim for more “Little Fook” vans. These could really give a hand to all the PWDs.

Besides these, our events are always encouraging for all PWDs. They are more confident and stronger in sharing their abilities on stage. On top of that, these events enable us to build positive perspectives, as well as to share the ups and downs of the PWDs throughout all the years, allows the connection between people. Our 4 incredible ambassadors of the event are Lim Cheng Hock (Famous Tenor), Aman Yap (Famous Dancer – Founder of Dua Space), Evelyn Toh (Malaysia’s Famous Soprano), Pauline Tan Li Shin (Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 1st Runner-Up).

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