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DUAL BLESSING BHD was formed on 19 August 2001 to cater the needs of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and former drug addicts, aged 18 years and above. With the spirit of transforming a caring heart into a channel of blessing and pronouncing the concept “Instead of Giving Fish, We Teach How to Fish”, we believe that through vocational trainings, the PwDs and former drug addicts can develop their living skills and thus improving their well-being . We also assist them in seeking job opportunities through job placement schemes.

The PwD community is often being denied the right of employment and receive medical services. The main reason behind all these problems is because of the inconvenience of our public transportation system in Malaysia. These productive persons have missed the opportunity to contribute to the nation.

Therefore, Dual Blessing Bhd plans to set up a Transportation Department. It is to propel the Government to emphasize on the transport-related issue that has been over-looked all these years.

In conjunction with the 14th year of our centre, we will organize < Dance for Hope> Thanks-giving dinner. It is to raise fund for our operation and more importantly, for the transportation department.

As such, we plead your generosity to support this event to realize the aspiration to have higher mobility.

You can assist us through the following methods:
1. Purchase or help to promote the dinner table ticket.
2. To become our sponsors or ribbon cutting.
3. To becomes our volunteers on the event day.

Date:   22 August 2015 (Saturday)
Time:  6:30PM- 10PM
Venue:  SRJK© Chung Kwo, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 KL.

Contact persons:
Goh Kuan Then – 016-6654322
Daniel Loh – 016-6610473
Office – 0379831842/43

Thank you.