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  1. to sale toothbrush campaign
    Let the disadvantaged friends go home happily during Chinese New Year
  2. to carry out the “Love Little Fook” coin box campaign
    Let Dual Blessing Sustainable Development
  3. to promote caring each other
    Celebrating early Chinese New Year with to the disadvantaged friends



  1. Call the public to help the disadvantaged groups (individuals & families) in need to alleviate the financial burden of their festive season, especially when the physically challenged people (wheelchair bound) return to their hometown.
  2. Encourage the community to show concern about the disadvantaged friends and communicate with them through the Chinese New Year.
  3. Promote the “Love Little Fook” coin bank campaign, through the power of public aspirations. Dual Blessing Centre monthly operating funds can be stable, sustainable and develop more services to bless more people.

Target of Beneficiaries

  1. Persons with Disabilities
  2. Vulnerable Families (persons with disabilities / single parents / families with special children / families of critically ill patients / families at risk)

Way of Fundraising

  1. Sell “Shine for Hope” toothbrush (RM5 per piece/ RM30 per pack)
  2. Promote the “Love Little Fook” coin bank campaign (joint organized with Butterworth & Johor branch)
    – Encourage purchasing of “Love Little Fook” coin bank (RM20 each)
    – Encourage the adoption of “Love Little Fook”, donates the collected fund to Dual Blessing
  3. Sponsorship of “Infinite Love with One Action” Charity Dinner and sale of the dinner tables (RM888 per table)
    – To have an early CNY celebration with persons with disabilities & underprivileged families.
    – Purchase dinner table (to encourage company CNY reunion & celebration dinner as a social concern action)
    – Sponsor “Blessing” dinner table for the disadvantaged friends / family who come for CNY allowance.

REMARKS: Promoting CNY Blessings Gift Package @RM88.00 (free gift of dual blessing red packets)
(A box of “Star of Hope” + A “Love Little Fook” Coin Box + Two cans of “Blessing” Biscuits)

Appeal for Sponsorship and Sponsor Benefits

  • Gong Beating Sponsor – Sponsorship RM5000 & above ( 2 SVIP main table tickets / 1 VIP table / host the gong beating / Certificate of Appreciation)
  • Ribbon Cutting Sponsor – Sponsorship RM2000 ( 1 VIP table / host the ribbon cutting / Certificate of Appreciation)
  • Caring Sponsor – Sponsoring “ Blessings” Dinner Table for the friends who come to receive the CNY allowance (2 VIP seats / Certificate of Appreciation)
  • Donation in kind ( Donate RM500 and above – Certificate of Appreciation)

“Infinite Love with One Action” Charity Dinner DETAILS
Date: 27th January 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm Dinner Start (6 pm – Giving Away CNY Allowance Ceremony)
Venue: S. J.K. (C) LAI MENG Bandar Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.


Purpose of Fund:
• Sponsorship for Activities Operating expenses
• Subsidy “Bring you back to your hometown during CNY” transportation expenses
• Support Dual Blessing Care & Welfare Project Fund
• Support Dual Blessing Monthly Operating Expenses

• Projects/Activities operating expenses: transportation costs / administrative fees / publicity fees / home visiting
expenses / hall rental / banquet expenses / volunteer subsidies and etc.
• Care and Benefit: Case Accommodation / Transportation (hospital / welfare / business, etc.) / subsidy costs