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Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) are one group of people often neglected by the society. The society generally lacks the understanding of the issues involved. The difficulties that the PwDs face everyday, including the accessibility issues, need the attention from the public. Although there are many people who are willing to befriend the PwDs, however they do not know the best and suitable way to do it. When we are really involved into their lives and during the course of helping the PwDs, we will be impressed by their strong will in life. Therefore, Dual Blessing Bhd plans to organize a Volunteers Training Camp to provide an opportunity to those who are interested to become volunteers to learn and experience the difficulties faced by the PwDs and at the same time, feel the gratefulness for what they have.

Dual Blessing Bhd started this Volunteers Training Camp in 2001. By attending these camps and gained experiences during the training process, these volunteers can now mingle naturally and freely with the PwDs. These volunteers are, indeed, a great help in many events organized by Dual Blessing Bhd. This year we have chosen the theme for the Camp as “Let Love Goes Round”. We believe the volunteers can help the PwDs to have a more fulfilling lives to cope with present days pressure in life. Dual Blessing Bhd hopes to encourage those who are desperate and apathetic to their environment and life to be more confident and strong. We also believe PwDs also in some ways can inspire the able-bodied persons. This camp will serve as a platform to channel our love and concern to others.

Expected results:
1. To inculcate correct attitudes and responsibilities encourages the campers to participate in voluntary services at Dual Blessing Bhd and demonstrate the significance of voluntary services.

2. Establish the true and equal relationship between able-bodied persons and PwDs.
3. To train volunteers to have the necessary skills and techniques of helping the PwDs and prepare them as personal assistants anytime when required.