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99 Forever Angel

Be our angel & spread the love

Who can be the Forever Angel?

Are the disabled supposed to just stay at home, living a shady life because they are disabled? Does a disability disable a disabled from stepping into the outside world?

A small effort from you, can help us to achieve a big dream!

Many a little makes a mickle.” Forever Angel holds the belief that with the accumulation of many small efforts, we can achieve big. Through Forever Angel, YOU too, can be one of the Angels that helps to improve the life of our PwDs. From stepping into the outside world, to joining Dual Blessing for training, they can improve and equip themselves with skills and positive values, leading a bright and brand-new future.

YOU, are the angel that we are searching for!

Lovely Angel

Great Angel

Total Angel Fund: RM 8386.30

As of August 3rd, 2020, 14:00