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– 不允许发布一切违法的色情,暴力,仇恨,赌博,贷款,金钱游戏,不正确,诈骗或对种族、宗教、文化、性取向、性别、身份进行贬低及政治敏感的帖子,评论,直播及视频。

– 不允许从其他群组分享任何广告/买卖直播/宣传专页进来 。

– 不允许吵架&人身攻击。

– 所有的贴都需要等管理员批准,不得有异议。

– 不允许侮辱管理员和版主。

– 违规者,管理员会在没有通知的情况下,直接删帖和拉黑会员的身份。

– 任何发帖和不正当言论如果涉及到官非或者法律条例,本群将不会为此负上法律责任。

* 以上群规管理员有权随时更改和做最后的决定。

Rules & Regulations

– Any posts, comments, live broadcasts or videos that contain content related to pornography, violence, hatred, gambling, loans, money games, politically sensitive, fraud or derogatory on race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, identity and are strictly prohibited.

– Please do not share any business advertisement into the group.

– Quarrel and verbal harassment are strictly not allowed.

– All postings will be filtered and permitted by the admin.

– Any kind of harassment towards the admin of the group is intolerable.

– Any member who violates the rules & regulations will be removed without prior notice.

* The rules & regulations above are subject to change.