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At the early stages of Dual Blessing Bhd, the initial training department founded was Handicraft Department. The courses offered were batik, tie-dye, painting etc. Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang was the instructor.

Target groups: Aged above 18 for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and single mothers who are interested in handicraft.

Training courses offered: soft ceramic, paper clay, paper sculptures and DIY greeting cards.

The career prospects: Work at Dual Blessing Bhd as handicraft teacher or assistant, or work with other companies, or starting own businesses with the support of Dual Blessing Bhd.

Past activities: Organized teaching classes, participated in handicraft charity sales in the exhibitions at shopping complexes, achieved sustainability in training, production and marketing services.

2008: Producing handicrafts and gifts related to the festive season. Received support from Corporate and collectively subscribe to our products.

2009: In conjunction to visits by travel agency, we presented life education talk to visitors and provide DIY teaching kits.

2011: Handicraft Department established partnership with employers to provide employment opportunities to the mentally retarded persons.

Person in-charge: Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang 012-4215456