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Become Volunteer

Welcome to join Dual Blessing Bhd's volunteer team

Dual Blessing Bhd is having its own Volunteers Team since initiated the Volunteers Training Class in 2001. It is indeed a platform for Dual Blessing Bhd to recruit new volunteers. In 2012, Dual Blessing Bhd has upgraded the class to a 2 days 1 night volunteers training camp. Also, with the changes, the Association has named it as “Stay In Love Volunteers Training Camp since then. Thank you to all the volunteers who had participated in all our activities and made them successful.

In 2010, Xiao Wei, Li Wen, Luke Wang, Chaih Wee, Elvin Yew led a group of teenagers from Klang who had assisted Dual Blessing Bhd in all their activities. They had done their best.

To unite the philosophy of this group, it has been renamed to Volunteers Team. Thank you for giving it such a beautiful name which echoes with Dual Blessing Bhd founding objectives.

You may help us in the following areas:
– Organizing events
– Administrative work /Writing of Proposals, articles,
– Participating in exhibitions/sale bazaars
– Find sponsorship
– Volunteer as driver
– Recycling activities

Welcome to join us!